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Nate Brown

Nate Brown

Financial Advisor & Founder

Nate Brown is the Founder of SB Financial Group, LLC. With a background in math and physics and a desire to work for the benefit of others, Nate is able to empathetically listen to the stress points in your life and strategically identify the decisions you can make today in order to improve your probability of achieving your future goals.

 In 2010 Nate decided to forego a 12-year career in academia and a post-doc position at Los Alamos in order to follow his passion for putting smiles on others' faces, as that is also what puts a smile on his face.  Assisting his clients with large life decisions and problem-solving by developing a comprehensive financial plan allows Nate to use his background in data analysis to identify the best choices to be made at the present time through asset and risk management.

 In parallel with his advisory business, Nate also manages his personal brand, Networking with Nate, to help professionals in job transition understand what activities will improve your ability to get a new job. Ever in pursuit of the Golden Rule, Nate thrives on sharing the information he learned in his own career transition and would have liked someone to share with him.  He hopes that you will be able to accelerate your ability to get the job that will put a smile on your face all day, every day, just as his career as independent financial advisor does for him today.

Always seeing the glass as half-full, Nate is never afraid to tackle the most stubborn problems and thereby pave the way to future success.