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Nate Brown

Nate Brown Nate Brown is the owner of SB Financial Group, an organization that unites several advisors under its banner to offer a comprehensive menu of services to clients.

Before founding SB Financial, Nate obtained his Ph.D. in Nuclear Physics from the Georgia Institute of Technology and worked as a post-doctoral researcher and business development manager.

Since transitioning to financial services, Nate has helped many families and businesses achieve their financial goals, addressing needs such as retirement, college education, and tax-efficient estate transfer.

He works with clients of all types, but especially enjoys building plans for couples between 45-65 years old, who know they will need answers to their financial questions for the next 30 years and are looking to establish a relationship with an advisor. This is so important, as many Baby Boomers are still taking care of their parents in their 80's and 90's, and know they personally need answers to these questions for the next three decades.

Nate also greatly enjoys working with new families—specifically, young couples just getting married, getting ready to have children, or who have small children already. Both individuals typically work 40 hours a week and understand the importance of financial planning but have not yet devoted the time to create a plan.

Nate’s love of connecting people and helping others is the basis for everything he does. do. He is always willing to find time in his busy schedule to meet new people and find ways to can help them grow their business and network. Nate and his wife currently live in Durham.