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Are you already fully licensed?

If you…

         …naturally put yourself in another’s shoes;

         …enjoy coaching someone to reach his or her full potential;

         …value transparency and enjoy acting with integrity;

         …embrace hard work for the benefit of another before you perceive the benefit to yourself;

         …possess the internal drive and self-motivation to run your own practice and be your own boss;

then joining SB Financial Group may be a great career move!

  • If you are currently captive, you may find yourself locked into your carrier’s products or must pass through a Right of First Refusal before offering the best solution to your client.
  • If you are currently independent, you may find yourself challenged by operating your business alone, keeping overhead clear, and marketing strategically.

Aligning yourself with SB Financial Group allows you to operate independently with access to the tools that have contributed to our success.

As you develop your own book of business and brand identity, we will provide

 expertise, training and processes that help you serve your clients better. We will also share our innovative relationship-building system with you, which is designed to help you build your base of advocates. Our systems and processes, when properly utilized, increase your probability of success and can set you on a path to achieving the freedom you desire.

In the various roles you fill as a financial advisor and business owner, SB Financial Group is here to support you and help you perform at your best from day one. Discover the fulfillment of driving your own career aligned with a company that respects your independence and ambition and encourages collaboration with your colleagues.  

Contact Us today to start your journey toward independence.